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Helping Control Mosquitos, Ticks, and Grubs in Naperville, Bolingbrook, and Romeoville

Mosquito and Tick Control 

Environmentally Friendly Organic Mosquito and Tick Control 

Everyone hates mosquitoes and the importance of implementing mosquito control is ever more important with diseases such as West Nile, Zika and Lyme disease easily spread by these pests. At American Lawn and Landscape, we strive to be a single-source service provider for all your lawn care and landscaping needs and it is our mission to help you enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest! 

Our Mosquito & Tick Control is a non-toxic, organic solution that is safe for kids and pets and is environmentally friendly to other insects such as bees. Our all-natural solution prevents new mosquito larvae from reaching maturity and deters adult mosquitoes from entering your property.

Benefits of Our Solution

  • Effective, all-natural and environmentally friendly
  • Does not contain DEET or any
  • Other poisons or toxic substances
  • Safe for Bees, Butterflies, Fish, Birds, Cats, Dogs and other Small Animals
  • Safe around Children and Pets
  • Odorless within hours

Treatment Options
No two properties are alike and we understand that each property may need to be treated differently to yield optimum results. For example, is your property adjacent to standing water, ravines, streams or heavily wooded areas? This may require increased service frequency to generate the best results. Therefore we offer a variety of service options including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Our services are quoted based on property size and our customer service team can provide you with a quote today!

Safe and Effective Grub Control Solutions 

Hot humid weather can encourage the infestation of grub worms which can severely damage your lawn and take a lot of time to repair. In our area, grubs are becoming more problematic because of the warmer winters, making grub treatments increasingly important. Thankfully there is a preventative solution that will ensure your yard remains protected during the hot and humid summer months! 

Do I Have Grubs In My Yard?

There are some telltale signs that you may have grubs attacking your lawn:

  • Damage to your lawn, especially dead patches of grass
  • Your lawn feels spongy when you walk on it
  • Turf that lifts easily off the soil surface
  • Birds, skunks, or moles digging up your grass

Thankfully, American Lawn and Landscape has the expertise and tools necessary to prevent or resolve any issues you are experiencing. 

Ideal Application Timing

The perfect time to attack the grubs during their first and last stage of development. Therefore, it is ideal to apply the treatment twice a season—once in early summer (late June through early July) and again in late summer (mid to late August)

Treatment Approach

We utilize fertilizer with a grubout insecticide ideal for controlling white grub larvae along with other pests such as mole crickets. Our formula contains essential plant nutrients to enhance recovery and resistance to destructive insect pests. 

  • “Again, they always show up on the same day, and work hard with meticulous attention to detail.” - Tamara P.
  • “They planted a dozen large flower plants for us, laid down some sod, transplanted a boxwood bush and planted a crabtree for us, and everything turned out picture perfect.” - James D.
  • “When the crew was done, the landscape around my house looked the best that it has ever looked.” - Russel B.

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