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MOW & GO Lawn Mowing Service From Only $44.95!

Keep your lawn and yard tidy and neat, and spend your weekends with your family instead of working in your yard. For an affordable price, we will mow your lawn, power edge your walks, patio and driveway, and string-trim along your fences, planting beds, trees and any structure within your lawn areas. Since grass clippings are a source of natural/organic fertilizer for your lawn, we recycle/mulch your lawn's clippings back into your turf to promote a healthier lawn. As a final step, we blow your walks, patio & driveway clean of clippings and debris. Since this service is provided on a regularly scheduled bases, with service on the same day of the week each time we come out, you are sure to have a well manicured lawn for you and your family to enjoy!


Here is what you can expect:

  • Your lawn will be mowed, with alternating pattern each visit (where feasable)

  • Your sidewalks, curb, driveway, and patio will be power edged

  • Your planting beds, fence line, foundation, swing sets and any areas mower can not get to will be line/string trimmed

  •  Your sidewalks, curbs, driveway, patio, porch will be blown free of clipings and debris



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