DeThatching/Power Raking

Dethatching & Power Raking in Plainfield, IL 

Exceptional Results in Naperville, Bolingbrook, and Romeoville

Is your lawn not green enough, thinning, or matted down? You may have excessive thatch buildup. American Lawn and Landscape Co offers dethatching/power raking in Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, and Romeoville, IL. We can dethatch/power rake your lawn to remove the excessive buildup of lawn debris, dead roots, and dead turf grass crowns. 

If you want to bring your lawn back to life, call (630) 934-1530 for dethatching/power raking service. 

Improve Lawn Health with Dethatching/Power Raking 

If your grass is not getting green enough or deteriorating, it’s time for dethatching or power raking in Plainfield, IL. When organic matter builds up, it can smother and slowly kill your lawn. Although small amounts of thatch can be beneficial, excessive thatch prevents moisture and nutrients from reaching the soil and roots. This results in weakened grass. 

Dethatching or power raking involves removing the dead and decayed material between the grass and the soul. A power rake is a professional-grade tool that is used to pull the thatch from the soil. After the power raking is finished, the next step is hand raking the thatch that has been removed by the power rake and disposing of it. 

Dethatching your lawn is beneficial for: 

  • Preventing fertilizer and pesticide runoff from matted area 
  • Allow the grass to absorb more nutrients 
  • Increasing oxygen levels in the soil 
  • Improving disease and pest resistance 
  • Increasing tolerance to heat and cold 
  • Boosting your lawn’s drought tolerance 
  • Improving overall lawn health 
  • Fostering a lush green lawn 

You can tell that your grass needs dethatching by running your fingers through it. As you rake your fingers through the grass, notice what comes up. If you are left with a clump of yellow in your hand, your lawn needs dethatching. Other signs include grass that is off-color, thinning, or you see matted material instead of bare ground between the grass. When you notice these signs, it’s time to call your local lawn care professionals

Dethatching is most beneficial for your lawn when done in the spring. Removing the excess thatch at the beginning of the growing season ensures that your grass will absorb the nutrients, water, oxygen, and sunlight it needs to stay strong and healthy all season. Your fertilizer and weed control products will be more effective when the grass is not matted down with too much thatch. 

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If you have noticed any of the signs that your lawn needs dethatching/power raking in Plainfield, IL, American Lawn and Landscape Co can help. Our skilled and experienced team is equipped with the best quality tools and attention to detail needed to get the job done right. We are happy to provide a free quote for dethatching/power raking and any of our other lawn care services. 

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