Is your lawn deteriorating and struggling to green up & thicken? Then its time to de-thatch! For as little as $219.95 we will De-thatch/Power Rake your lawn, removing the excessive build up of dead roots, lawn debris and dead turf-grass crowns. It's this organic matter that smothers your lawn and slowly kills it off!

Your lawn will benefit most from our De-Thatching service in Spring. So if you’re ready to bring your lawn back to life order service today!


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Before & After of Dethatched Lawn

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Another Healthy and Beautifully Maintained Lawn

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Healthy And Beautifully Maintained Yard

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Before & After of Dethatched Lawn

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Why De-thatching?

Like compacted soil, too much thatch will smother a lawn. Thatch develops naturally as lawn grasses grow and slough off roots, shoots and leaves. Some thatch helps protect the roots, but excessive thatch prevents moisture, oxygen and nutrients from penetrating the soil. Small amounts (less than 1/2 inch) of thatch can be beneficial because it increase the turfs resiliency, improves its wear tolerance, and insulates it against soil temperature changes. When thatch layers exceed 1/2 inch, however, the disadvantages generally outweigh the advantages. The turf's tolerance to heat, cold and drought decreases with increasing thatch accumulation. Localized dry spots, scalping, disease and insect problems also increase. As thatch accumulates, there is a tendency for root and rhizome growth to occur primarily in the thatch layer rather than in the soil. This results in a weakened, poorly rooted turf that is prone to stress injury and requires frequent irrigation and intense management.


What is De-thatching/Power raking?

De-thatching involves the removal of the matted layer of dead and decaying plant material between growing grass and the soil, know as thatch. Thatch is removed by combing the turf with a machine called a Power Rake. The power rake pulls the matted thatch up from the soil and deposits it on top of the lawn. Once the lawn is power raked, the thatch is hand raked, removed and disposed of.


How can I tell if I need my lawn de-thatched?

Simply run your finger down into the lawn like a small rake and pinch your fingers together. If you end up with a clamp of yellow thatch in you hand then, you need to de-thatch. Or if your lawn is off-color, thinning, and you can't see bare ground between the plants but instead see matted, fibrous material, it's time to de-thatch.


What will de-thatching do for my lawn?

De-thatching can benefit your lawn by:

  • Increasing the availability of nutrients.

  • Helping prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from thatch matted areas.

  • Enhancing oxygen levels in the soil, and stimulating root and rhizome growth in soil instead of thatch matte.

  • Increasing your lawn's resistance to disease and insects.

  • Increasing your lawn's drought tolerance and improving its overall health.

  • Promoting a lush green lawn


Your lawn is being smothered to Death! But you can revive it with our Lawn DE-THATCHING service!

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